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ABITARE gets back to its roots.
The print version, digital version are being completely revamped for September 2014.
Under the editorship of Silvia Botti, it will be an international, multimedia, ideas-sharing magazine.
The iconic architecture magazine Abitare is being relaunched. The new version takes the form of a multimedia information tool with a strong identity and an original style. Open to external contributions, it will operate on a crowdsourcing basis, and will have a strongly international feel. First and foremost it will be a specialised magazine in print and digital versions, with a comprehensive website. It is published in Italian and English. These are just some of the features of the new Abitare, which will be back on newsstands next September under the editorship of Silvia Botti, an architect, journalist and collaborator with the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Milan Polytechnic.
“Together with our publisher we have begun a process of evolution and sharing that will enable us to bring out a magazine in September that presents the quality and innovative flair of Italian-made products and uses this as a source of inspiration for designers, researchers and devotees generally,” explains Silvia Botti. “An information tool, but also an open, international showcase that presents to the world the very best of Italian culture as a particular collection of design, technology, culture, artistic inspiration, craftsmanship and industrial production, in other words an ability to speak simultaneously a plurality of languages, something that sets us apart from everyone else.”
Despite its new focus on the international, multimedia dimension, the Abitare brand never forgets the origins of the magazine as one of the world’s most prestigious and authoritative mouthpieces for architecture and design. Founded in 1961 by Piera Peroni and run by her for thirty years from an exclusively female perspective, the new Abitare maintains and strengthens the formula and the characteristics of the magazine – which at the time was nothing if not revolutionary – with its rigorous, refined approach and attention to civil life and social problems, without betraying the spirit and independence of thinking that have always been key features of the magazine.
Bilingual: Italian and English.


LIVING is a brand new interior design magazine published in Italy. It’s a glossy monthly publication with the most famous photographers featured on the covers.
LIVING is a new magazine dedicated to passions and to express new ways to create the different rooms at home. The focus of the magazine is the house, with many styles like metropolitan, country, etc. designed by famous architects or just by the impulse of the homeowners!
LIVING will feature so many different styles that will make their readers dream as well as inspire them to create practical spaces.
LIVING will be a “style guru” and a “personal shopper” in the world of furniture.


AMICA is the best woman's monthly magazine at all.
With its revamped graphic and its sofisticated style, it propose fashion photo sessions and columns that are not only inspirational shopping windows but also a real reference model of style and elegance.


ASTRA is the friendly astrological companion for all who want “to know” what the month to come has reserved. A monthly guide to our personal horoscope and a didactic tool for people who desire to learn the mysterious ways of Astrology. Astrology treated as a science, supported by parallelisms with and introductory journeys into alternative segments such as psychology, esotericism, religion and other spiritual beliefs, natural and alternative medicine, unexplained phenomena and experiences, new age, etc.


Domenica Quiz

DOMENICA QUIZ deal with puzzles, crosswords, charades, comic strips, rebus, and much more. Everything to enjoy in your free time. Make your interest and play time a tool to sharpen your mind.

Domenica Quiz Mese

Puzzles, crosswords, charades, rebus, scrabbles, comic strips for all minds and all ages.


DOVEissue topics space freely throughout all facets of leisure time: great travel adventures, off-shore itineraries, vacation home rentals, buying and their renovation projects, hotels, restaurants, antiques street markets, art and gastronomy shopping, practical and detailed information. Everything to make your leisure time a rich moment in life.

Novella 2000

NOVELLA 2000 is a weekly guide to the international entertainment world.
A light and fun approach, an indiscrete but never disrespectful eye, a spiffy touch to all that’s private and confidential in the universe of today’s stardom.


OGGI is a wide-open window on the Italian, as well as the world, life.
Every week brings in the people’s homes the main facts, events, happenings of the Italian reality of today. Full-spread articles, exclusive interviews, weekly appointments with the observers and the critics of today’s reality.

Oggi Cucino






VISTO is a magazine devoted to the most interesting facets of society and culture in Italy, highlights on major events and names, interviews with the leaders in entertainment and social grounds, etc.

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